Bridges to Hope

You’ve seen people sleeping in alleyways and tents on the street. You’ve wanted to help.

Bridges to Hope, Tacoma Rescue Mission’s holiday campaign, is your answer.

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Kenneth’s Story +

A Thanksgiving miracle

It was Thanksgiving night that Kenneth walked into the dining hall. His stomach was growling with hunger. He looked barely alive.

Our staff immediately welcomed him in, served him a big plate of food and told him about the other services we offer.

“What a relief,” he says. “I see I can take a shower. I can get clean clothes. I can have good, hot food. I can have a place to stay. I thank God. The Rescue Mission took care of me.”

Sophia’s Story +

Our Neighbor.
One of us

Sophia was born and raised in Tacoma. She’s our neighbor. She’s one of us.

“I’ve been employed, a tax payer, a student, a mom, I was all those things, and then I was homeless, living in a tent, drug addicted,” she says. “I tried multiple times to stop. I tried multiple treatment centers. . . I didn’t think I would ever find help.”

Thankfully she came to the Rescue Mission. “My life was saved,” she says. “However little you have to give, give. It'll be just enough.”

Shawna’s Story +

Evicted with no notice

Shawna and her daughter ended up homeless when they were evicted from their apartment.

“I got no notice. We got booted out on the streets,” she says. “I broke down and cried. I wondered what I did to deserve losing my baby’s home. I felt horrible.”

The next day, she came to our family shelter. “If it wasn't for the family shelter, I'd be underneath the bridge with her or out on the streets.”

Right now, someone wants to take a step to change their life. They just need a little hope to do it. You can be part of the bridge that gets them there. Give now.

If you haven’t seen someone who needs help, you haven’t been looking very hard.

Tacoma Rescue Mission:
Partnering with caring people like you to do something about this crisis

  • Counseling
  • Meals
  • Job Training
  • Shelter
  • Rescue Van


“I enthusiastically support the Tacoma Rescue Mission in its work to meet the essential needs of our Tacoma citizens that struggle with homelessness. As Tacoma‚Äôs mayor, I believe that our community is only as strong as our ability to care for our most vulnerable residents. Through their efforts, the Tacoma Rescue Mission is creating durable pathways out of homelessness and poverty, extending real hope, and ultimately helping build a more thriving city.” Victoria Woodards, Tacoma Mayor

More than just eating

“A hot meal is different for someone who’s homeless. It’s not just eating. It’s that for two hours you’re warm, you’re safe, you can go to the bathroom, you can talk to the person you need to talk to.” Sophia, New Life Participant